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From the time when all activities ceased, throughout lock-down and in the period during which restrictions have been eased, care has been taken to ensure only limited access into Short Cross Methodist Church.


Essential maintenance has continued, and the building has been kept clean and strict hygiene controls introduced in accordance with guidelines issued by the government so as to keep it free from any risk of coronavirus Covid-19.


The final part of our preparations for re-opening was a ‘deep clean’ sanitisation. This has now been completed. (Saturday 29th May 2021)


Before and after every activity all hard contact surfaces (e.g. door handles, hand rails, light switches, chairs) will be cleaned using anti-bacterial disinfectant wipes.





·     You or anyone else in your household / support bubble is suffering from, or has tested positive for, Covid-19 in the last 14 days.

·     You have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace, your doctor, hospital or any other health professional and told to self-isolate.


·     You are waiting to be told the result of a test for Covid-19, or are waiting to be tested.


Or if you have: -

·     a high temperature

·     a new and persistent / continuous cough

·     a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste 





·     Avoid using public transport if possible.




Arrival at Church

·     Come to the front of the building and approach the front doors through the porch.


NB If it is raining please bring appropriate outerwear and a brolly – you may have to wait patiently as there will be NO queueing inside the porch.

Social distancing is advisable


·     Do not use the side door – this is for Exit Only


·     Maintain social distancing at all times on Church Premises (including the car park and outdoor areas)




Entering the Building

·     The only point of entry to the building will be via the front porch.


·     Use hand sanitiser gel from dispensers provided


·     A ‘One-Way’ system will be in operation. Follow the signs and directions from the stewards




Worship Area (Main Hall)

·     Wait by the double doors to be invited in and follow the steward’s directions to the seat  allocated.


·     There are now 45 seats,  set out singularly or in pairs, in the Main Hall. 


·     Do not move any seats yourself or change from the one you were allocated. Stewards will be available to rearrange the seats to best accommodate the number of people in each group.


·     The minister / preacher will lead worship from the raised dais and be at least 3 metres from the nearest member of the congregation.


·     The person leading worship or anyone reading a lesson or leading prayer from the dais may remove their face covering while they do so.


·     Face coverings are now optional


·     Should you require assistance during the service, please remain in your seat - alert a steward who will then come and assist you.


·     Be advised that some windows and doors will be open allowing fresh air to circulate through the building so you may need to keep your coat on and / or wear warm clothing.


·     Remember to maintain social distancing where possible.





After the Service

·     Remain in your seat until directed to leave by a steward. NB There will be no refreshments.


·     Exit the main hall promptly via the side door and through the outer door opposite the kitchen  maintaining social distancing at all times.


·     No one must linger in the church building once directed to leave by a steward.


·     Keep socially distanced as you leave.





·     Access to the vestry is restricted to the minister / preacher and church steward ‘on duty’. 





·     Male and female toilets will be closed.


·     The ‘disabled’ toilet  will only be available if required urgently or in an emergency.


·     If needing to use the ‘disabled’ toilet, use the anti-bacterial disinfectant sanitising wipes provided to clean the toilet area before and after use. 




Other Areas

·     When we re-open, there will be NO ACCESS to the following: -

o  The male and female toilets

o  1868 Room

o  Stage

o  Kitchen



Any concerns?

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your safety whilst attending Worship in these difficult times, please contact a steward for more information and reassurance.




Thank you for your cooperation 

during these difficult times.



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