Short Cross Methodist Church

a welcoming Church with Jesus at the centre of our activities

About Us

 Short Cross Methodist Church aims to be:

• A Church which continues to be known for its welcome to all and as a meeting place for all, and offers a variety of worship to suit all ages.

• A Church which provides a pathway for growing in faith and helps people deepen their discipleship through wider participation in a variety of small groups.

• A Church which continues to listen to the needs of the community, and whose premises are well used by the community and also for outreach mission, 

• A Church which communicates well using advertising, print and social media and plays its role in the wider Blackheath & Halesowen Methodist Circuit


Our Mission Statement:

 "We are a missional community seeking to share God's love with people of all ages through worship, fellowship, ministry, and evangelism, with the Bible firmly as our guide. We offer teaching, prayer, and a healing ministry to encourage discipleship in a safe environment, reaching out with understanding, sympathy, and friendship." 


What is a Christian?

Christians believe in the God who created and continues to be in the universe and Jesus is our window into God, showing us God’s nature, purposes and love for the world.

Christians believe that God in Jesus came to demonstrate God’s love for all people  ......


What is a Methodist?

Methodism began as a movement for spiritual renewal, and a ‘methodical’ approach to spirituality and practical Christian living. Its principal founders were John and Charles Wesley who realised that the Christian life rests on what God has done for us through Jesus Christ, not on what we do for God. Methodist preaching was sent out to people untouched by the existing churches, often meeting outside a building, gathering local groups and creating a group of people who were committed to helping one another learn and grow as Christians.

  • Short Cross Methodist Church
  • Attwood Street
  • Halesowen
  • B63 3UE

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